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There is a New Normal

there is a new normal

A famous warning, “Beware the Ides of March” was issued by the soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play. And once again in March of 2020 the world as we knew it changed dramatically from exposure to the Coronavirus pandemic. For the United States, it brought our flourishing economy to a screaming halt as workers were […]

Older Baby Boomers Are Staying Put

In the past homeowners had a natural progression in owning homes. They would begin homeownership with a starter home, move onto a dream home to raise a family, then downsize upon becoming empty nesters and finally moving into a retirement home to finish out their years. But recently, Marianne Cusato’s 2016 Aging-in-Place report indicated that […]

Had I Know…

You have probably thought about or at least said out loud “if I knew then, what I know now, I would have done things different.” Thoughts like “I should have stayed in school,” or “I should have listened a bit more to my parents” come to mind.

Report: U.S. Home Prices on the Rise

Much to the elation of anyone with a Fairfax VA home for sale or sellers anywhere, home prices are on the rise in nearly all states, according to a recent report from the real estate researcher CoreLogic. Evidently, 48 states showed year-over-year gains in April. Meanwhile, home prices also showed month-over-month gains between March and April. […]

Fairfax, Va Real Estate – It’s a great time to buy!

The term Fiscal Cliff has become a commonly used term, but most of us don’t know what it means and how it applies to Real Estate. Simply, it refers to sweeping tax cuts enacted a decade ago that were set to expire at year’s end. For real estate, it had the potential to derail the recovery that’s been slowly taking hold. Foreclosures would rise and home values would drop.

The uncertainty of what would happen if the Fiscal Cliff bill did not pass, had potential home buyers and sellers holding back on making a transaction

But, the recent legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President, makes Northern Virginia Real Estate a good investment.

Smart Buyer Tips – Northern Virginia Real Estate 2013

If you have been shopping for Fairfax, Va real estate recently, you may notice prices are rising again, and competition for homes has started heating up. A “sellers market” may be where you find yourself as a buyer if you are looking at homes for sale in Northern Virginia.
As the market shifts from a buyer’s market, it’s good to know how to improve your chances to have the seller accept your offer. The secret to finding the best home at the best price is knowing how to present your offer in this changing market.

Home Warranties – Avoid the Unexpected in Northern Virginia

Do you know the pros and cons of having a home warranty? It’s common for sellers to offer home warranties on their properties, and buyers might find it an incentive. But a growing number of owners of Fairfax, VA real estate and Vienna, VA real estate are purchasing home warranties without even being in a real estate transaction. Some have seen that the home warranty service agreement can limit the unexpected expenses of repairs and replacements of the home you intend to live in for awhile.