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There are some very difficult decisions which can tend to arise when you’re a homeowner. Sometimes, those decisions are what can make or break the idea of renting vs buying. If you think about it, the idea of an asset which is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars can be slightly terrifying to some! Not to mention the idea of paying a mortgage in a timely manner, home repairs and maintenance, upkeep on the home, and financial issues including taxes, insurance and other things.

Sometimes, it can depend on how long you’ve been a homeowner. Certain things can factor in with the longer you have owned your home – or you may not have hit some of those issues yet. When it comes to some things, having a resource you can rely on becomes valuable.

During the buying or selling process, it is natural to turn to your agent for information and advice but during those periods in between where do you go for counsel?  Sure, you can turn to the Internet but that may not be the best place to get advice for your situation.

You’ve already talked to your realtor about real estate information – and we only hope that they were someone you were comfortable discussing questions with, and that you were confident you were getting good advice. When you choose a realtor, we not only want to be there for you when you buy or sell, but all the years in between.

When it comes to the day-to-day decisions of homeownership, we believe we can develop relationships that will lead to future sales when you move again, as well as recommendations to your friends who need the services of a trusted real estate professional.

We want to put your mind at ease. After all, you should feel comfortable talking with your real estate agent. Whether you simply need the recommendation of service provider, a trustworthy mortgage professional, an estimate of your current market value, or advice on what kind of improvements are best to consider, we’re happy to share that information with you.

Here are just a few of the kind of questions we get almost every week:

  • Can you recommend a good (plumber, painter, handyman, etc.)
  • What is the current value of my home?
  • How do I challenge a property tax assessment?
  • When should a homeowner refinance?
  • How often should we update our personal home inventory?

We want to be your “Go-To” person for everything to do with real estate.  If you have a real estate question, please call us at (703) 303-4010.  If we don’t have the answer, we’ll find it for you or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

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