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Buyer’s Closing Costs

buyer's closing costs

In an ideal situation, both buyers and sellers pay their own closing costs on the purchase and sale of a home. These costs can be negotiable depending on lender requirements and current market conditions. Closing costs and fees are itemized on the closing statement and are usually paid at the time of settlement. Before contracting […]

Home Inspections and the Inspector

home inspections and the inspector

Many times, a sales contract on a home will include a provision that allows the buyer to have inspections done to discover any issues with the home not readily apparent or disclosed by the seller. A home inspector is one of many key professionals involved in real estate transactions. You must have a qualified individual […]

First Things First

first things first

The first time you make a specific meal it is essential to have the recipe so hopefully it turns out just as you are expecting. By following the recipe, you know the ingredients and the preparation instructions can guide you through the process. When it comes to buying a home, it is basically like following […]

You Can Cut Your Housing Costs in Half

you can cut your housing costs in half

Cutting prices or offering sales prices will generally bring people buying anything out of the woodwork that may have not been serious buyers before. In today’s market, renters can easily lower their monthly housing costs by half or more by buying a home with all the financial benefits that it brings. A renter’s mortgage payment […]

Selling or Buying Smart Homes

selling or buying smart homes

The smart-home device market is rapidly growing. It may begin with a video doorbell, maybe lights and it often progresses to other devices like Alexa®. More and more homeowners are employing smart home technology in their homes. Forbes research expects it to grow from $55 billion in 2016 to $174 billion in 2025. When selling […]

Are You a Negotiator?

are you a negotiator

Buying or selling a home involves negotiation at all stages of the process whether you like it or not. It’s not like going to the store where you decide to buy something and then just pay for it. Emotions get involved that could affect the negotiations adversely and it is easily the most expensive purchase […]

Home Buying Begins with Help

Home Buying Begins with Help

A team of professionals is involved in the process of buying a home. You have the lender, the appraiser, the inspector, the property insurance agent, the title officer plus others. But a real estate agent may hold the most critical role. Baking a loaf of bread seems simple. With only four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, […]

Scams to Steal Your Mortgage Closing Money

scams to steal your mortgage closing money

Willie Sutton was an American bank robber and he was asked why he robbed banks. He answered, “because that is where the money is!” He stole about $2 million during his 40-year career. However, internet scammers are stealing much more by using phishing schemes and preying on unsuspecting home buyers. These scammers know where to […]