Fairfax, Va Real Estate – It’s a great time to buy!

Fairfax, Va Real Estate – It’s a great time to buy!

The term Fiscal Cliff has become a commonly used term, but most of us don’t know what it means and how it applies to Real Estate.  Simply, it refers to sweeping tax cuts enacted a decade ago that were set to expire at year’s end.

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For real estate, it had the potential to derail the recovery that’s been slowly taking hold. Foreclosures would rise and home values would drop.

The uncertainty of what would happen if the Fiscal Cliff bill did not pass, had potential home buyers and sellers holding back on making a transaction

But, the recent legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President, makes Northern Virginia Real Estate a good investment.

Here are some good reasons to buy now:

  1. Prices are at or near the bottom
  2. Rents will continue to rise due to the large number of people who are forced to rent due to Short Sale or Foreclosure, making the difference even greater in the future.
  3. Mortgage rates are historically low.
  4. Prices are going to start going up because inventories are so low – lots of short sale and foreclosure homes have been snapped up by investors, and new build construction is down.
  5. There are still distressed properties out there, selling for about 35% lower than conventional homes for sale.
  6. Home ownership is attractive – the American Dream.  You become part of a community, you can deduct interest on your taxes, upgrade and change your home to fit your needs, and if you commit to staying in your home for 5-7 years, you just might make some money.


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