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Smart Sprinkler Controller

smart sprinkler controller

Most homes in most neighborhoods have sprinkler systems for their yards. And with a sprinkler system comes a somewhat manual sprinkler controller that lets you turn it on, turn it off and punch tines next to numbers for when you want it to auto sprinkle. This controller offers just a basic functionality and is sometimes […]

Grilling Safety

grilling safety

June, July and August have more people grilling in them than any other month during the year. Because of this, there are more injuries and fires due to grilling accidents in those months. Even though Labor Day happens in September, we still need to be vigilant about safety. Due to injuries involving grills, about 20,000 […]

It’s Convenient But It Will Cost You

it's convenient but it will cost you

If you want to sell your home without having to get it ready to sell, put it on the market, having showings, open houses, negotiating or making repairs…the convenience will cost you a significant portion of your built-up equity. There are for-profit organizations out there called iBuyers. These companies buy homes from sellers. They expect […]

This Time It’s Different

this time it's different

Yes, it is! There has not been a global pandemic in our lifetime. There has not been an economic shutdown like this before. There is uncertainty out there and unfortunately, people fear what they do not understand. Enough doom and gloom, there are opportunities for those who can act during this unprecedented time. The subprime […]

Making Your Best Investment

On occasion, buyers who are prepared and qualify to buy a home decide to take a step back and wait to commit to the purchase of a home. When their focus moves from buying a home, they start considering using their down payment money for other things. They begin to think about other large purchases […]

Property Type Conundrum

The IRS has four different types of real estate. Each type of property has benefits based on its classification. The property itself does not determine the classification as much as how the property will be used and the intentions of the owner. Below are some classifications and their definitions. Principal Residence – this would be […]

Show Them You’re Serious

We have reached the busiest months for selling a home this year. But when there is a short supply of inventory and competition is high, you must show the seller that you are a serious buyer. With the help of a Realtor ®, make your offer look as good as possible the first time because […]