there is a new normal

There is a New Normal

A famous warning, “Beware the Ides of March” was issued by the soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play. And once again in March of 2020 the world as we knew it changed dramatically from exposure to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For the United States, it brought our flourishing economy to a screaming halt as workers were forced to shelter in place for more than four months. Over this time, many changes to our normal lives were put into place with many of those a possibility of becoming permanent.

Before the pandemic, buyers were looking at smaller homes because they were efficient, easy to maintain and the owners had more free time to travel or spend money on entertainment. Today, travel is limited or minimal around the world, and in some places, people are still sheltering in place in their homes.

The purpose of our home has changed. Families with children are using it to school them. People working from home are using it for offices, stores, or studios. If two adults are working at home, there needs to be space for each adult to work. Our homes have also become our gym resulting in an explosion in the sales for the home fitness industry.

Our homes have also become our place of recreation. We are cooking more and wanting larger kitchens and dining rooms. We are moving toward enjoying our yard, gardens, pool, or balcony but our current home may not even have some of these or we are looking to upgrade.

People around the U.S. are wanting and even needing more space in their homes for all these activities. Experts are predicting that the changes we have been experiencing and thought were temporary will become the new “normal” even after there is a vaccine or cure discovered.

If you have experienced any of the issues I went over above, I would love to talk to you about the current market and how you can sell or buy while being responsible and staying safe. Whether it is buying for the first time, moving up, or moving on, I would like to help.  Call me at (703) 303-4010.

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