are you a negotiator

Are You a Negotiator?

Buying or selling a home involves negotiation at all stages of the process whether you like it or not. It’s not like going to the store where you decide to buy something and then just pay for it. Emotions get involved that could affect the negotiations adversely and it is easily the most expensive purchase or sale that most people experience.

Selling a home that you have lived in for some time can complicate things because using the word “home” brings up all the emotions tied to said home. Real estate professionals are practiced at separating their emotions.

A few of the many things that can be negotiated in a contract are price, financing and concessions, closing costs, personal property, closing dates, and date of possession. A seller wants the most they can get for their home and buyers want to pay the least amount; these two objectives are diametrically opposed.

Removing contract contingencies can cause considerable negotiations even after the contract is signed. Sources of reevaluating the terms and provisions of a contract are an appraisal, inspections, or repairs needed.

Negotiating the sale or purchase of a home is like a competition; for one party to get something, another party must give something up. Like a tug-of-war. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, work with a Realtor® who will bring these skills to the table on your behalf.

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