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Rent vs. Buy – Which is best for you?

The question plaguing every Northern Virginia tenant who wants a home of their own is whether it is more beneficial to continue renting, or to purchase a home of their own. The Fairfax, Virginia real estate prices look great, and the interest rates are still attractive. But what factors should you consider before taking the plunge?

Handling the Eyesore in Your Neighborhood

It is a problem in neighborhoods across the country. It could happen in your Northern Virginia neighborhood. “It” is the upsetting sight of a property that isn’t being maintained to the same standards as the rest of the surrounding homes. What is the best way to handle the issue, maintain relationships and retain the value of your home and neighborhood?

Determining the Value of Your Northern Virginia Home

The Northern Virginia real estate market has been heating up this summer, and loan interest rates have stayed low, so you may be considering buying a new home, refinancing or getting a home equity loan. In any of those situations, knowing the current value of your home is important. Home values are best determined by recent sales and the supply and demand of properties currently on the market.