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Gorgeous Homes for Sale in Fairfax

Homes for Sale in Fairfax

Now is a great time to consider purchasing one of the gorgeous homes for sale in Fairfax! The median price of homes for sale in the area has come down significantly over the past couple of months. That’s great news for you! That means that there are more homes available to you in your price […]

Preparing your home to sell quickly

First impressions of a home go a long way in determining how quickly your home will sell. Your major role as a seller will be to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers – you need to be viewing your home through the eyes of potential buyers. With some time, effort and limited financial investment, you can grab the competitive edge you need to sell your home at the price you want.

FHA Loans and Mortgage Insurance Premium – More Expensive than Expected

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans can be confusing because the FHA does not make loans. It insures the loans made by lenders it has approved. So, if a lender defaults, the FHA covers the losses – not the lender.

One of the great benefits of an FHA insured loan is that it only requires a 3.5% down payment, making homeownership much more feasible for those potential buyers purchasing Fairfax VA Real Estate, who do not have the traditional 10%-20% down that conventional mortgages require.

Tax Tips for Fairfax VA Home Owners

One of the greatest perks about owning your own home versus renting is all of the tax deductions.  In fact, owners who itemize their taxes can deduct 100 percent of their mortgage interest and property taxes from their income tax returns. That means that if you’re in a 28% tax bracket, Uncle Sam effectively subsidizes […]