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Why Keep Track of Home Improvements?

why keep track of home improvements

As a homeowner, you will receive a generous exclusion on the gain of your principal residence. Current rules stipulate $250,000 for single taxpayers and $500,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly. Many people probably consider the gain or profit to be the difference between the purchase price and the sales price. Before calculating your gain, the […]

Track your Improvements!

The money you spend on your home is treated different when it comes to income tax. When you make necessary repairs to your home to maintain its condition, these repairs are not tax deductible. But any capital improvements you make to your home will increase the base price of the home and add equity. You […]

Stunning Homes for Sale in Chantilly

Homes for Sale in Chantilly

If you’re planning on buying one of the stunning homes for sale in Chantilly, you’ve already made a wonderful choice. Chantilly is a great place to live! Located close to the airport and just over 20 minutes outside of Washington, D.C., Chantilly is in a great location. If you’ve got your heart set on buying […]

Preparing your home to sell quickly

First impressions of a home go a long way in determining how quickly your home will sell. Your major role as a seller will be to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers – you need to be viewing your home through the eyes of potential buyers. With some time, effort and limited financial investment, you can grab the competitive edge you need to sell your home at the price you want.