Homeowning And Mild Repairs Go Hand In Hand

If you were ever involved in Boy Scouts (or have a child who was involved), you may have heard of a certification called a Totin’ Chip. It’s a Boy Scout requirement to earn this certification, and gives you the use and safety rules of using wood tools such as an axe, knife, and a saw. You learn those proper techniques that are so vital in using these tools safely.

However, when you purchase and/or own a home, there is no such certification. Sure, some of us know how to use these tools, some of us just kind of “wing it”, and others call a repair person for everything. There are some really good reasons though on why you should know how to do some minor home repairs – a main one is that it’s a part of owning your home which will save you both time and money.

The first time you call a service company, as an example, can be a little more intimidating when the repairman simply walks into the basement, flips the breaker which has been thrown, and the problem is fixed. It can be humbling, embarrassing and quite expensive to have them do such a mediocre repair – especially when it’s something you could have probably done yourself.

The basic items every homeowner should be able to do the following:

Turn off the water in case of an emergency.

Reset a circuit breaker.

Change the HVAC filters and clean the outside coils.

Clean a dryer vent.

Reset a garbage disposer and dislodge a jam by spinning the flywheel

Unclog a sink or drain.

How to plunge a toilet and when to use an auger.

Re-caulk a bathtub or sink

Light a pilot light on a water heater or furnace

Change the batteries on a smoke alarm


When it comes to any of these topics, YouTube is an incredible resource. You can find informational videos which will assist you with all kinds of do-it-yourself projects, and probably even come up with jobs for yourself that you never pictured yourself doing. If you feel of course that you do not have the tools, skills or don’t feel comfortable doing something – a list of Service Providers can be easily found in your area, or just ask around for a recommendation.

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