Preventing Small Floods In Your Home

So, just a question – when did you last replace your washing machine hose? A general rule of thumb is that a washing machine hose should be replaced about every five to seven years. If you’ve had your washing machine for about that long, and never replaced the hose before, you should probably keep reading.

Just like any other appliance, washing machines are expected to work. You put in your clothes, add soap, maybe press a few buttons, and walk away. However, when they don’t work, it’s time to have them fixed or replaced. And believe it or not, a good reason it may not be working up to par is because the connection from the water supply may be older than the washing machine itself.

If you’ve never had a flood in your home before – you really don’t want one. Unless hoses are replaced they will fail, and that can cause a quite catastrophic flood in your home. Carpet and/or flooring will be ruined, drywall might be ruined, and even nearby furniture will be water damaged. Ask anyone who has experienced a leak while they were away. The stories are not ones you necessarily want to hear. Failure of a hose breaking may come from a number of different causes including age, improper installation, and even poor materials.

The hoses are generally under the same pressure as the other plumbing in the home.  Imagine having an open faucet running directly on your floor.

Instead of having to pay a substantial amount of money once a flood potentially happens, a pair of pliers can replace the hoses for under $30.00 to avoid this potential disaster.

Once you head out looking for replacement hoses, keep braided stainless steel connectors in your mind as you shop around. They can be found at any home improvement center, and will provide additional protection in protecting your home. Yes, they do cost a little more, but they are well-worth that extra added protection.

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