more to building a pool than enjoyment

There is More to Building a Pool than the Enjoyment

Wow, what a summer we are having. The first major stay-at-home event in most of our lifetimes has happened in this country. People are turning to their backyards for family fun and recreation. Building a pool is just one of those fun things that are being built. For people who don’t have a pool, the NPD Group, a retail tracking service, reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased pool building by 161% this year alone.

Pools become magnets not only for your children by their friends too. A pool can be a great place to celebrate summer holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day. Any day or any weekend can become an opportunity to enjoy the pool, cook outside, or hang in a favorite lounger.

Maybe you have made the transition where it is not your children that enjoy the pool but your grandchildren. There can be a lag time where your children grow up and head out into the world and you begin to think why I have this huge hole in my backyard when no one uses it. Then, your grandchildren begin to come back and use it regularly, and you are glad you have it so you can see your family more often.

If you are considering adding a pool, there are some things you need to think about.

Pools are expensive. TV shows like Pool Kings build resort-style or water-park style pools with a staggering price tag. Even a modest in-ground gunite pool with limited decking can be in the same range as a luxury car, especially after you add in landscaping and pool furniture.

You can take out a home improvement loan, but your term will be between 7 and 15 years. You can also refinance a current mortgage and put in the cost of the pool for 30 more years.

Then you the cost of pool cleaning and daily chemicals. Depending on the size of the pool that can start around $175 a month using a service. Your water bill and electricity bill will increase.

And then, you have to be a good host, buying food and refreshments for the family and any guests. Oh and don’t forget pool toys, floats, sunscreen, towels, and other minor expenses that will add up to more money out of pocket.

Now people usually consider all the pros and cons and tell themselves that their home value will go up. Yes, but not enough to cover the cost of the pool. Pools create lots of great memories and it is a good investment in the family but may not be a good financial investment.

Once you have decided to build a pool, your job starts with finding a reputable pool builder. Ask for references and do your homework. Ask your friends who have pools, who they used, and if they would use them again. Most pool companies hire and coordinate subcontractors to do the work. You want a company that will be there if something goes wrong not a fly-by-nighter that is taking advantage just because more people want pools.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has some suggestions about hiring a pool contractor and they warn about scammers who are eager to take advantage of the increased demand for pools.

  1. Talk with family and friends as we stated before.
  2. Search BBB for Pool Contractors.
  3. Check years in business.
  4. Compare costs.
  5. Check organizational memberships, certification, and licensing.
  6. Verify insurance.
  7. Understand your payment schedule.
  8. Check the background and criminal history.
  9. Call references.
  • Ask for all details in writing.
  • Watch out for scams.

The go into more detail in their article: BBB Tip: Hiring a Pool Contractor under their latest news category.

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