Let’s Knock Some Things Off Your List

If you’re a homeowner, you more than likely are already aware that you have to check things periodically throughout your home, making sure that they are operating properly and efficiently. If you do need maintenance on something in your home, it’s so much better to catch the repair earlier than later as the expenses could be significantly lower.

When it comes to home repair and home maintenance, checklists are very beneficial. There is no effort with a checklist on what needs to be checked, and to know what needs to be done. Checklists are very concise and provide the perfect amount of information needed to perform the task. Here are just some of the items you may want to include on your home maintenance checklist – of course this is not a comprehensive list.

  1. Vacuum dryer exhaust … Ensuring that your dryer and dryer vent/hose are free of debris affects not just the efficiency of your dryer, but it can also prevent the possibility of a fire. Lint can ignite from the heat of the dryer and create a fire hazard.
  2. Replace HVAC filters 4 to 6 times a year … No matter your skill level in regards to home repair, this is one task you can handle. Locate the filter, make a note of the size, and keep replacements available.  Turn off the unit, open the door or housing, remove the dirty filter, and replace it with the new one.  Pay attention to the direction of the air flow; filters are marked to indicate the correct direction.
  3. Test all GFCI breakers. – Did you realize you should test your GFCI breakers? Just like an outlet, your GFCI breaker has a test button on them. Pressing the test button should cause the breaker to trip which shuts off all power to the entire circuit.  To reset the breaker, push it completely to off and then, back to on.
  4. Vacuum refrigerator coils … I can almost guarantee you haven’t thought of this before. Coils on refrigerators can be in different places depending on the model and manufacturer.  Locate the coils and clean the dirt and dust from them using a soft bristle brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush.
  5. Replace batteries in smoke detectors … This should be a no-brainer. Smoke detectors should be tested monthly – simply by pressing the test button. And, be sure to replace your batteries in your smoke detector once a year, even if they still have life in them. After replacing the batteries, test the smoke detector to see if it is functioning properly.
  6. Check windows and doors for leaks … Nothing is worse than a draft coming through your window or door. Thankfully, you can check for leaks around your windows and doors – and some of those ways are incredibly simple. One method used on a cold day would be to hold your hand a few inches from the window or door frame to feel for drafts.  Another method would be to light a candle and trace the outline of the window or door to see if the flame or smoke pull in one direction, indicating an air leak.
  7. Inspect all sprinkler system stations to see if heads are leaking or need adjusting. … Manually, turn on each of the stations and look at each sprinkler that is running to see if it is leaking or if it is properly covering the area intended. If a leak is present, it’s a good idea to contact a plumber to get the issue fixed as it can affect your water bill.
  8. Check garage door opener to see that safety features engage properly … More than likely, this is probably something that you haven’t thought of. It also would prevent a potential tragedy from taking place. Place a cardboard box in line of one of the sensors before trying to close the door.  The door should reverse itself after sensing the obstruction.
  9. Check and clean fireplace(s) annually, if used … Especially in the case of a wood-burning fireplace, this is incredibly important. Unless you’re experienced in cleaning your chimney, it’s probably a good idea to hire a professional. However, you can check for evidence of birds or animals; fireplace smells like a campfire; smoke fills the room; difficulty starting or keeping a fire going; the fireplace walls have oily marks; the damper is black with soot and creosote. The frequency of use on wood burning fireplaces will impact the need for cleaning.

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