covid-19 showing procedures

Update: COVID-19 home showing procedures

These are unsettling times and buyers and sellers have a concern about keeping virus-free and staying healthy like the rest of us. To keep everyone safe, these new showing procedures should be considered before walking into a home.

Agents are reporting that they are selling homes where the buyers have not physically been in the home and base their decision on the virtual tour found online.  Some states have suspended showings because they are not considered essential services and other states have not addressed the subject.

The following suggestions should be considered, in the spirit of stepping up to do what is necessary:

  • First, buyers should view home photos online to see if the home meets their needs.  Most multiple listing systems require agents to upload a generous number of photos that will give you a good idea of what a home looks like.
  • Buyers should ask their agent questions that the photos don’t address.  Then, their agent can go through the listing agent to ask the seller directly.
  • It may be possible for the agent or owner to do a Facetime walk-through which would allow the buyers to ask questions and direct the agent or owner where to point the camera.
  • When possible, a buyer can make an appointment to see the home through their agent.  They should meet the agent at the home in their own car.  No children should attend showings.
  • Recommended safe distances (currently 6 feet) will be maintained between the owners and listing agent, if present, the buyers and their agent.
  • A transfer is almost inevitable, and all precautions should be taken.  Buyers should carry their own sanitizing wipes and or gloves and avoid unnecessarily touching surfaces.  Allow their agent to open doors and cabinets.
  • Gloves or wipes should be disposed of in a trash bag in their car after they exit the home.

Some buying opportunities could be presented while we are social distancing and isolating due to a lack of competition.  Alternatively, the lack of inventory in many markets could keep prices high with more demand.  Overall, home prices nationwide are stable and, in many markets, they continue to rise which makes buying a home a far less volatile alternative to investing in the stock market.

With mortgage rates being at historic lows, there will probably never be a cheaper time to finance a home.

Thank you again for looking at our listings and let us know if we can help you in any way.

Please stay safe; wash your hands; practice social distancing and follow all the guidelines necessary to promote good health. We’re all in this together!

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