Remember to Get Your Annual Credit Report

annual credit reportFederal law now entitles you to receive a FREE copy of your credit report each year from the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. These reports will alert you to any errors and update you on your creditworthiness.

It is recommended that you stagger your request for these reports throughout the year. That way you can see a report three different times during the year instead of all at once. Seeing what’s going on will give you a better understanding of how the credit reporting works.

A simple way to track this is to set up a recurring appointment on your digital calendar either on your email program, your phone or a contact manager program you use. Make the appointment with yourself to order your FREE credit report every four months. Then order one report from each of the three companies once a year.

Using the notes section of your appointment, record the date and the bureau you ordered it from so there is a history and you don’t order from the same bureau twice in one year.

Watching your credit report is not just for people who need to clean up their credit, it allows you to key an eye out and make sure your report is accurate. Bonus: you might catch someone who is using your good credit illegally.

Credit Report 2

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