Preserve Those Memories Now

Preserve those memories nowSometimes we look back over our lives and use the terms “Should of,” “Would of,” or “Could of.” Don’t let that be you when it comes to preserving your memories by taking pictures. Your home is an important part of those memories so take those pictures today!

Looking back over your life becomes much easier when you use pictures to remind you of people, events or places. Should you have taken more pictures?

Consider these shots:

  • The outside of your home from all different angles
  • Times when your yard and plants looked beautiful
  • Holiday decorations
  • Special events that happened in your home like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.
  • Upgrades or renovations
  • Major purchases for your home
  • Times when your home looked the best and/or the worst
  • Family, friends and pets in your home
  • Marking off your children’s height on a door frame
  • Favorite outside views from a window in your home

Here are some suggestions for storing those photos. Put them in a folder with your address as the name of the folder after you take them. Once the folder is created it will give you a date close to when the photos were taken even if you don’t name each photo. You can store these on your computer, on an external storage drive or using online photo storing accounts like Photobucket or Flickr. With all these inexpensive or FREE options, there is no reason not to take lots of photos to chronicle your life or your home in it.

Need to start making memories in a home of your own? Let me send you a list of Fairfax homes for sale or set you up with an “Insider” Listingbook account. We can start your search together and help you start making great memories, home included.

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