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Information CentralAs a homeowner, I would like you to recognize that as the professional who might have helped you buy or sell a home I can be a valuable resource while you are owning your home also.

Think of me as a homeowner’s resource because I can make recommendations about services throughout the years you are living in your home.As a professional Realtor® I come into contact with many other professionals daily working in real estate.

  • I can recommend reasonable and reputable service providers.
  • I can offer you information about communities, local agencies and local businesses.
  • I can offer advice on determining fair market value, maintenance, home improvements and taxes among other things.
  • Offer suggestions on how to protect your home’s value and save money.

My goal is to be your go-to Realtor® for life. I want to help you be a better homeowner, not just when you buy or sell, but all the year’s between. I want to earn the privilege of a recommendation to your family and friends.

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