Be Comfortable & Save Money…Update Your Thermostat

Here is another easy way we can save money as homeowners of northern Virginia real estate: automatic thermostats. With automatic thermostats, it is easier to regulate our home temperatures efficiently, saving time and money without sacrificing our heating and cooling comfort levels. They are especially useful in multi-zoned homes, where you can control temperatures in different parts of the house at different times of day without having to run around and manually make changes.

You can choose from several types of programmable thermostats that can automatically adjust temperatures at certain times of the day or week. If there is a temporary adjustment you want to make, the programming can be overridden without changing the regular schedule. Some will even alert you when it is time to change your filter.

For an even higher-tech edge, you can purchase a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat and remotely adjust the temperature from any internet-connected device, such as a laptop or Smartphone. You can control your thermostat from a different floor, or even a different city! It would be especially nice on a cold winter day, when you can turn up your home thermostat from your car on your way home from work, and walk in the door to a cozy temperature.

Automatic thermostats are reasonably priced at under $100, an amount you should quickly recoup with lower utility bills. You can install fairly easily if you are a do-it-yourselfer, or you can have a heating and cooling professional install it for you.

Buyers, keep your eyes open for this little extra comfort as you visit homes for sale in northern Virginia.

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