A Champion on Your Side

real estate championIn sports, we have the World Series and the Super Bowl to determine baseball and football champions. As with any competition there can be only one champion, one winner, one loser. Throughout history, kings would have knights to be their champions and the knights would fight for various reasons.

Today, buying or selling a home can be a fierce competition. Each party wants the best deal they can get. Rarely is the buyer or seller equally matched so it is very important that you have a champion to represent and fight for your side of the deal.

Your champion will need to consider the price of the home, type of financing being sought, seller or buyer concessions, any personal property, closing date and date of possession which is all part of the negotiation. The seller with a Fairfax home for sale wants to get the highest price and the buyer of that same Fairfax home for sale wants the best deal at the lowest price. Hence, we have two opposing causes.

Even after you have a ratified signed contract, getting contingencies removed can cause significant negotiating. Contingencies such as the home inspection and/or appraisal can be an important source to re-evaluate the terms of the contract.

Your real estate transaction is a competition. Why not select me as your champion! With my knowledge and past experience I will defend your honor to the best of my abilities and get you the best deal whether you are buying a Fairfax home for sale or selling one.

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