Time to Review your Personal Finances

time to review your personal financesThe average worker has to earn two dollars for every dollar they want to spend assuming they are paying 50 percent of their earnings in social security, income tax and Medicare tax. By reducing your personal expenses, you get back 100 percent of that money because it is usually spent after taxes.

A new year is upon us and maybe it’s time to dig in and review your expenditures. Now you may feel you don’t have time to do this, but wouldn’t you like to gain back $25 to $100 or more? Here’s a few ideas on where to look.

  • Call around and get some comparative quotes on major insurance items – car, home, other.
  • Check out deals for your local utility providers.
  • Take another look at that cell phone plan. We all love to save money here.
  • Look over your TV plan, whether cable or satellite. Call and see if you can get the latest specials, or downgrade your plan or send back any unused receivers.
  • Make sure you are taking advantage of all your property tax discounts (i.e., homestead).
  • Is it time to refinance? Can you get a lower rate, shorten your loan term or get some cash to pay off other credit accounts?
  • Will your bank refinance your car?
  • Ask your credit card companies for a lower rate.
  • Take a look at credit card statements, are you getting charged fees? Consider a balance transfer to a no-fee card.
  • Are you regularly paying late fees? Eliminate them.
  • Check your bank account charges. Can you reduce or eliminate any of their fees?

Don’t have time to look over your credit card accounts? Think about reporting your cards as stolen. You will be issued new numbers. Then let only the important companies have the new numbers. Other companies will not be able to automatically renew their services and will contact you. Make a determination at that time if you want to renew.

Be assured that I will help homeowners with Fairfax homes for sale get top dollar for their homes and help them alleviate some of the tension surrounding personal expenditures. My unique Real Estate strategies and techniques for saving sellers huge amounts of money, have been tested and proven exceptionally effective. Call me today at (703) 222-6714.