Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Fairfax VA Home’s Hazard Insurance Part Two

Fairfax-VA-Homes-for-Sale-insuranceAs a Fairfax VA home owner, getting the most out of your hazard insurance policy is paramount. Though it might cost more than a thousand dollars a year, there’s a way to mitigate these costs that insurance agents don’t advertise and that you can take advantage of by learning from the right people.

However, there’s an even more devastating aspect to homeowner hazard insurance policies that the average owners of Fairfax VA homes probably do not know. More than over-paying by hundreds of dollars a year, we see these real losses unfortunately happen all the time.

See, what happens when one of the things the insurance policy protects you from actually occurs? Disasters like flood, fire and earthquakes can undoubtedly damage your Fairfax VA home, but bigger disasters can potentially destroy a lot of your personal possessions in it, making them unrecognizable, unusable or even just lost.

The insurance company will typically only replace about 75% of lost contents of these stricken Fairfax VA homes, and generally not because they don’t want to. Here’s why.

Close your eyes and see in your mind everything you own in the house, then list every single item, including details like brand. The average person can probably only remember or effectively describe about 75% of what they owned. Now imagine that you’ve experienced such a disaster and are now telling your insurance company all these at a time when you’re filled with emotional loss.

To effectively get 100% replacement of your insured possessions, you need proper documentation of all your belongings as proof in case of such an event. There are only a few uncontested ways of doing this and only true Insiders are in the know.

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