Save on $1000-$1500 Cash – on Closing Costs When Buying Fairfax VA Homes for Sale (part 2)

Fairfax VA Homes Saving TechniquesIn buying Fairfax VA homes for sale, another opportunity to save on closing costs is in the home and land survey recertification. The lender requires all buyers of Fairfax VA homes to get a survey which can run from about a couple hundred dollars to as much as a couple thousand dollars.

Some surveys have gone for as high as $4,000, but as the cost is dependent on how much land is contained in the property, most Fairfax VA homes would have survey costs of $300 to $600. Now, since this survey should have already been done by the seller when they originally acquired the property, we can use the same principle that saves us money on title insurance costs.

We can ask the seller to give us a copy of the survey certificate they had done before, since they won’t be needing it anymore. From there, we can find out the name of the engineer who completed and certified the survey. Contacting this surveyor should be no problem and will allow us to ask for survey recertification. This should only cost about 25% to 50% of what would otherwise be the cost to have a new survey done.

So, instead of shelling out $600 for the survey, the engineer can just recertify the one they’ve already done in the past by making a visit to the property and ensuring that nothing has changed. Though surveyors give varying discounts, they can do this for as little as $100 to $250, saving you $200 to $400.

Combining the Title Insurance & the Survey re-certification strategies will let you save a nice, sizable amount of cash upfront on purchasing Fairfax VA homes for sale, and that’s just the beginning. Learn more “Insider” tips to save thousands on your home purchase by attending my free, live Online Webinar!


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