How can I short sale when my lender was so mean to me?

Fairfax VA -Debt collectors have a tendency to get pretty mean when someone gets behind on their payments.

The constant barrage of threats, demands, and phone calls can become really overwhelming – leading many people to simply give up.

Debt collectors have a difficult job, which is probably why they’re so mean.  Still, I have no sympathy for them.

I did, however, once know a debt collector.

After a couple of weeks he quit because the job was just too harsh and depressing.    They get on the phone every day for 8 hours of abuse and sometimes people scream at them on the phone.

It’s gotta be depressing listening to other people’s problems all day long. They become cold and callous as a result of the work.

As a result, they take their frustrations out on the people they call. If you are trying to negotiate a loan modification or short sale, do not work with the debt collection people.

That’s because they’re not interested.  They get paid bonuses on all the money they successfully collect.

They don’t make a thing if you short sale or modify your loan. The debt collection people are an ugly, dull, almost useless tool. The lenders use them in a half hearted attempt to get you to pay.

Debt collectors only want to do one thing: collect your debt.  Fortunately, when we negotiate a short sale we talk to a different group of people.

These people don’t hate their job. They get paid substantially better than the debt collection folks and most of them view it as an actual career.

These people have training. They approve and deny short sales based on set criteria. Their job is to process the short sale, not collect money.

Once we start these negotiations with them, you’ll never have to talk to the people at your lender ever again. We take over and handle everything for you.

Thinking about a short sale? I can help you short sale your property and never pay the bank another penny.

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