home inspections and the inspector

Home Inspections and the Inspector

Many times, a sales contract on a home will include a provision that allows the buyer to have inspections done to discover any issues with the home not readily apparent or disclosed by the seller. A home inspector is one of many key professionals involved in real estate transactions.

You must have a qualified individual perform this inspection. No matter is your state requires a license or not, as a buyer you need to ask about the inspector’s experience, their training, how many years have they been in business and if they are familiar with the area and the type of property you are buying.

An indication of an inspector’s commitment to education and training will be their membership in any professional association. Also ask for references from both customers and agents. Call their list of references to ask questions, especially, if there are any areas in the home that specifically give you concern.

Ask if the home inspector has errors and omissions insurance. This insurance will cover any mistakes made during an inspection. Find out how mistakes or omissions will be handled.

Most home inspectors will call the buyer and have a conversation about what can be expected from the inspection and what type of documentation they will receive. Ask about a report, what kind of details and if pictures are included. Some reporting programs also include the option for the buyer to generate a summary report that highlight just the areas that need attention.

Some home inspectors will allow the buyer(s) to accompany them during the inspection. This allows buyers to point out what concerns them and ask any questions. Inspections can take two to three hours depending on the property size.

In the sales contract, time is allotted for inspections. All inspections including home inspection need to be done in a timely manner usually within 10 to 15 days. If not done within this time frame, you waive your right to inspections and the transaction will continue without them. As a real estate professional, I can help you in choosing a home inspector and making sure the inspection is completed on time.

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