Fairfax Short Sales: Should You Be Embarrassed To Short Sale?

Fairfax VA -Many people don’t want others to know when they’ve decided to short sell their Fairfax VA home.  They feel like the process is somehow shady or dishonest. I’m here to tell you that that notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

A lot of the people short selling today never had a blemish in their credit. They lived perfect, responsible financial lives. Then the real estate market crashed and left them owing way more than their home was worth.

For years, everyone was in denial that could happen.  A lot of those people might have even lost their job for the first time in their life.  The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Short sales happen everywhere: from the highest income bracket to the lowest.

I have worked with people from all walks of life on short sales and so I can promise you I won’t be judgmental when you short sell with me. I see a short sale as a smart financial decision.

So instead of judging you, I’ll be congratulating you. Who wants to be burdened with a huge debt for the rest of your life? Not me. And neither should you. Here is why a Fairfax VA short sale is a smart financial decision.

Say that you are upside down on a house by $100,000. (This is not that uncommon: many people are upside down by that amount and more.) If you decide to repay that $100,000 over 30 years, it will cost you  $215,000. That is $115,000 in interest payments on top of the $100,000 you already owe!

What if instead of doing that, you put that money towards retirement? You could earn 5% interest on that money.  $215,000 at 5% is $10,750 a year. Now that’s a smart way to invest your money.  You can get the upside down debt forgiven in a short sale and I can show you how.

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Thierry is an advocate for Homeowners in Distress. Thierry has made it his personal mission to help as many people as possible avoid foreclosure and keep their home.

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