Deduct Your Interest and Lower Your Rate

deduct your interest lower your rateAmerica’s credit card debt is back and at levels we saw prior to the recent recession. According to Weekly Credit Card Report, APR’s are running just under 16 percent. But homeowners have an advantage that renters do not when it comes to dealing with high debt.

Debt advisors will tell you that you need to replace all high rate debt with lower rate debt. Which means credit cards, personal cars, pleasure craft like boats, RVs and any other personal property which typically have a higher interest rate and your real estate loan does.

Borrowing against your home will usually get you the lowest financing rate. There are two options: refinancing your home to get cash out or to secure a home equity or HELOC, home equity line of credit.

Your advantage by borrowing against your home is that your interest paid may be tax deductible whereas personal debt interest is not. Qualifying mortgage interest includes acquisition debt which can only be used to buy, build or improve a principal residence and up to $100,000 of home equity debt which can be used for any purpose.

Managing your money is a critical life skill that we all need to master. Your ultimate goal maybe to become debt free but removing or replacing high interest rate debt is a good first step. As a homeowner, you have options that are not available to renters and tenants. Contact me if you need a reference for a mortgage lender to help you explore your options.

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