Being “Open” for Open Houses

While it may take some work to prepare for your open house, allowing interested buyers into their potential future home will make them feel at ease instantly and visualize this home as their own as they walk through and picture their belongings there.

Remember to declutter every area to accent the spaciousness of the home and it’s square footage. This will make the buyer even more interested when they see all the advantages of the space available and show the home at its best.

Photos & Clutter

Keeping personal photos or other momentos out of sight will make the home more attractive to a potential buyer. This means they can picture their own belongings in these spaces.


One of the most important factors when having an open house is to create an inviting atmosphere by adding scented candles to the home with vanilla, or a light scent. This will “greet” the visitors, invite them in and make them want to see more of the home. A welcome mat is also another way to greet those who are shopping and give them a sense of coming home when approaching the front entrance.

Welcome Home

Anything you can do to invite the buyer(s) in and make them feel at home instantly will mean the difference between a sale and having them walk away. A successful open house allows you to show-off your home in a way that is inviting and attractive to potential buyers.

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