Are you leaking? Meter Check

are you leaking?Wow, you just got your water bill and it is through the roof! This may indicate a water leak in your home. Try this simple test before you shell out for the plumber.

Find your water meter. It will be located at the street where you home connects to public water service. If you need a meter key to open it up; head over to your local hardware store to purchase one.

First Step: Once you get to the meter, write down the numbers shown. Don’t use any water for a 30-minute time period. If the numbers increase during those 30 minutes then go to step two.

Second Step: Turn off all your toilets valves. Then turn off anything else in your home that uses water including pools, spas, sprinklers, etc. Write down your meters numbers again. Time another 30-minute period with no water usage and check the numbers. If the numbers did not change, then one of those water using items you turned off needs servicing. You can turn them on one at a time to isolate the culprit.

But if the numbers did change then you have another issue or leak that will need to be tracked down before it does permanent damage to your home. This is where you may need to call that plumber or plumbing leak specialist. Also check with your public water department to see if they have a consumer help line or if they can recommend a plumber or specialist to help.

If you have a Fairfax home for sale it is best to get a problem like this solved rather than having to front money to a buyer to fix and cutting into your equity.

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