smart sprinkler controller

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Most homes in most neighborhoods have sprinkler systems for their yards. And with a sprinkler system comes a somewhat manual sprinkler controller that lets you turn it on, turn it off and punch tines next to numbers for when you want it to auto sprinkle. This controller offers just a basic functionality and is sometimes a bit clunky. There is an adage that states “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” but in this case you may want to.

With the smarthome wave picking up momentum, these devices are not only convenient but they are saving enough money to pay for the upgrade. There are many different producers of sprinkler systems, but you should consider the Rachio because it is very easy to install.​

It is a simple process with Rachio. Unplug your old controller and disconnect the wires but make sure you label which wires went to which stations. Using the handy Rachio template, mark three spots on the wall, drill holes in the drywall, insert the anchors into the holes and screw the new controller ​to the wall. This works if you are replacing an old one mounted in your garage. For an outside mounted controller, Rachio does offer a weatherproof cover for $29.99 extra.

The Rachio has wire connectors that do not require you to crimp any wires. You can easily put the numbered wires to the corresponding slots. The directions are simple, easy to follow. When complete, connect your power source and plug it into a wall socket.

Rachio also has a phone app. Once you add it to your phone, follow the instruction to connect the controller to your Wi-Fi. In minutes, you will be relaxing and making adjustments and exploring what it will do for you.

Some of the features you’ll find very convenient are the multiple schedules that can be created and easily switched from one to another.  As you set up each zone, you can take a picture of the area and be able to identify with a glance which area you want when individually selecting one.​

Another thing you might like is that when you’re trying to track down a broken head or just need to adjust it, you can turn on a zone from your phone while looking at the yard.  When you identify which head is the culprit, turn the water off from your phone, make the adjustment or repair and turn the water back on to test it without having to go back and forth to wherever your controller is located.​

Rachio offers three schedule types: flex monthly, flex daily or fixed schedule. Flex monthly uses historical climate data. Flex daily adjusts based on soil moisture with watering schedules dynamically updating on a zone by zone basis. Fixed schedule waters when you want it.

Cool thing is you can be anywhere in the world with access to the Internet and you can adjust your watering schedule. There are two Rachio controllers available. The Rachio 3 starts at $229.99 ad the Rachio 3e starts at $149.99. Visit for more information.

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