rethinking home

Rethinking Home

Many homeowners have had to rethink the way they live in their home over the last two months with the stay at home or shelter in place orders. Your home has now become an office for working, a school for your children, a gym for working out, and a place for recreation.

With all this repurposing going on I bet you have been evaluating whether your home still meets your needs or if it is time for a change. There are cases where adult children have moved back home or elderly parents have moved in for the first time.

It is still necessary for us to stay at home and shelter in place, but how long will it last? What was a temporary solution is now becoming longer than anyone expected? Will things go back to normal when we get a vaccine? Or will it be a new normal?

Our homes are places we call our own; raise our families, share with friends, and feel safe and secure. Due to COVID-19, home is our sanctuary of security, where we feel safe

I can tell you that many of the chief economists feel that real estate will be the leader that takes us out of this brief recession. Housing inventory is still low and has been for a decade. Builders have not kept up with demand and prices of existing homes continue to go up; 8 percent over last year.

With 30-year mortgage rates at close to 3.25% and prices expected to continue to rise, an investment in a home can fit your needs and show returns in satisfaction, comfort, enjoyment, and monetary value.

Maybe now is the time to consider finding a home that better suits your needs since you will be spending more time in it. I can help you do that responsibly and safely using an online meeting platform. Contact me today to find out what is available and what the process entails to protect you and your family.

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