Advice on Mortgage Forgiveness

mortgage forgiveness

A decade ago, some homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure or set up a short sale to get out from under the debt during the mortgage meltdown that caused the Great Recession. Lenders forgave all or part of the debt owed them in most cases. Again, in the early ’90s we had the Savings & […]

It’s Convenient But It Will Cost You

it's convenient but it will cost you

If you want to sell your home without having to get it ready to sell, put it on the market, having showings, open houses, negotiating or making repairs…the convenience will cost you a significant portion of your built-up equity. There are for-profit organizations out there called iBuyers. These companies buy homes from sellers. They expect […]

One More Reason to Refinance

one more reason to refinance

A legitimate way to fund a temporary cash crisis now or to have funds on-hand if the need arises is by taking cash out of the equity of your home. Most homeowners can pull out the difference in 80 percent of the fair market value of their home and what they currently owe on the […]

This Time It’s Different

this time it's different

Yes, it is! There has not been a global pandemic in our lifetime. There has not been an economic shutdown like this before. There is uncertainty out there and unfortunately, people fear what they do not understand. Enough doom and gloom, there are opportunities for those who can act during this unprecedented time. The subprime […]

Check This Off Your List

check this off your list

Your probably know someone in your life that has a tragic story. Whether it was a fire, a flood, a burglary, or another disaster they probably needed to file a claim on their insurance. To do this, you need receipts or a list of what you are claiming lost or damaged. And, since we are […]

Scams to Steal Your Mortgage Closing Money

scams to steal your mortgage closing money

Willie Sutton was an American bank robber and he was asked why he robbed banks. He answered, “because that is where the money is!” He stole about $2 million during his 40-year career. However, internet scammers are stealing much more by using phishing schemes and preying on unsuspecting home buyers. These scammers know where to […]

Update: COVID-19 home showing procedures

covid-19 showing procedures

These are unsettling times and buyers and sellers have a concern about keeping virus-free and staying healthy like the rest of us. To keep everyone safe, these new showing procedures should be considered before walking into a home. Agents are reporting that they are selling homes where the buyers have not physically been in the […]