Selling or Buying Smart Homes

selling or buying smart homes

The smart-home device market is rapidly growing. It may begin with a video doorbell, maybe lights and it often progresses to other devices like Alexa®. More and more homeowners are employing smart home technology in their homes. Forbes research expects it to grow from $55 billion in 2016 to $174 billion in 2015. When selling […]

Investment Alternatives to the Stock Market

investment alternatives to the stock market

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that investors have rarely been this flush with cash. According to Refinitv Lipper, the economic uncertainty due to the pandemic and the volatility of the stock market has caused assets in money-market funds to increase to approximately $4.6 trillion, the highest level on record. If you are one of […]

Smart Sprinkler Controller

smart sprinkler controller

Most homes in most neighborhoods have sprinkler systems for their yards. And with a sprinkler system comes a somewhat manual sprinkler controller that lets you turn it on, turn it off and punch tines next to numbers for when you want it to auto sprinkle. This controller offers just a basic functionality and is sometimes […]

Does Your House Measure Up?

Does your house measure up?

Buyers, sellers and real estate agents often use square footage as their common demoninator in determining the value of a home. There is no quick method or automated value method that will give you the correct amount. It may seem like a straight forward process, but there are several variances that can lead to inaccurate […]

Grilling Safety

grilling safety

June, July and August have more people grilling in them than any other month during the year. Because of this, there are more injuries and fires due to grilling accidents in those months. Even though Labor Day happens in September, we still need to be vigilant about safety. Due to injuries involving grills, about 20,000 […]

Main Reasons to Refinance

main reasons to refinance

Refinancing: there are three reasons to refinance. 1. Lowering the cost of your housing, 2. To shorten the term of your mortgage loan and pay it off quicker, or 3. To use the equity in your home for another purpose like paying off credit card debt or home renovations. In today’s market, you can replace […]

There is a New Normal

there is a new normal

A famous warning, “Beware the Ides of March” was issued by the soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play. And once again in March of 2020 the world as we knew it changed dramatically from exposure to the Coronavirus pandemic. For the United States, it brought our flourishing economy to a screaming halt as workers were […]