Moving? Here are some questions to ask

“I wish I had know about that before I made my decision.” Have you looked back and said this to yourself? Below are a list of questions to ask when you are interviewing your next moving company.

moving? here are some questions to askMoving Fees

  • Is there a charge for packing up my belongings?
  • Do you provide boxes? Is there an additional cost and will you deliver them to my home?
  • Will it cost me extra for you deliver some items to a rented storage unit?

Moving Insurance

  • If my belongings are damaged, can we make a claim?
  • Do you provide moving insurance? Cost?
  • Will moving insurance cover items I pack myself?
  • Can I purchase additional insurance?  Cost?
  • If my Homeowner’s policy covers any of my move, which insurance would pay first?

Items Outside the Norm

  • Are you able to ship a car(s)? How are they shipped?
  • What is the additional charge for shipping a car, or a lawn tractor, etc?
  • What can’t be shipped?
  • Is there an additional charge for using a shuttle truck?
  • Will the house be packed in one day or two? Will we have access to beds/basic for our use?


  • What would our move schedule look like?
  • Which day will we be packed out? how long?
  • Which day will the van be loaded?
  • Which day does the van get to our new home?
  • If our new home isn’t ready, is there an additional charge to place our belonging in storage? do we get any days free?
  • What is the extra charge per day/week if we can’t take delivery right away?

Moving Contract Terms

  • Will there be additional fees charged that we haven’t discussed?
  • Do you required a down payment?
  • When is the balance of the payment due? Timeframe?
  • Who can accept my payment?

If you are a homeowner with Fairfax homes for sale ask me for a moving service company referral(s).