Looking for an Honest and Fair (Repair)Man…

Similar to Diogenes’ search for an honest & fair man, most homeowners are looking for someone who does quality repairs at an honest and fair price.  The task appears fairly simple but if you’ve ever tried to find someone to repair something in the past, you know how tough it  can be.

Finding a list of companies from the Yellow pages doesn’t mean they’ll be reasonable or reliable, it just means they bought a telephone and can pay for a simple ad. Researching on the Web may help you find a website that looks like a local company but they are really a large middleman marketing company who sell you as a lead to a repairman or repair company who will pay them a finders fee.

There are consumer oriented organizations such as Angie’s list that rate repair companies and contractors, but they generally require an annual fee to be access the information and lists.  There are also services like Renovation Experts or Service Magic that are registries for contractors but they may not be the least expensive route.

Your best avenue for recommendations are going to come from friends, family, co-workers and your local neighbors who you trust and who have used the particular repair companies and would use them again if need be.  The only consideration here is that you probably will have to make a few calls before you can find someone who can refer the type repair company or contractor that you need.

Repairs are a normal part of getting home s ready for sale, we certainly come in contact with plenty of contractors.  This experience has lead us to realize who is reputable and reasonable as well as who we should try to stay away from in the future.  As part of my commitment to helping my clients and customers to be  better homeowners from the time you buy your home until you need to sell, we’re always happy to help make a recommendation of good repair company, contractor or other professionals you might need.  Give us a call, or go to my website at www.InsideRealEstate.com and contact us…we can help.

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