How to Become a Millionaire and Get Your House to Send You Monthly Checks – Insider Tip Number 14, Part B

This is the second part of Insider Tip 14. Today we’ll talk about …

b.) Equity re-utilization – a Multi-millionaire strategy.

The Most Widely-Used and Proven Wealth-Building Real Estate Strategy:

Part B:  Equity Reutilization – the Multimillionaire Strategy: The strategy I told you about last week was with just one house.  Quite often, people will get a house paid down to a point where there is some extra equity in the house.

Then they’ll take some of the equity out of that house without selling it, and they will use it as a down payment to buy another house. Then with the second house, they’ll take equity out again after a few years, since the tenant has been paying it down for them — and they buy a third Fairfax VA home for sale and so on.

This is much like the board game, Monopoly. This is done by thousands of real estate investors every year.  That’s why you hear about people owning multiple properties because they can become multimillionaires from just three or four houses.

You can even become a millionaire, with only one house, if you have a $400,000.00 or $500,000.00 house that’s paid off for you … and the extra money coming in is reinvested well —  at a compounded interest rate of maybe only 8%.

Quite often, people are millionaires within 15 to 20 years – from only one house.  The Multimillionaire strategy is just simply repeating the process with more than one house.

This ‘equity reutilization strategy’ and the previous millionaire strategy is not a get rich quick scheme.  But it is one of the most proven and conservative wealth-building strategies that’s produced more millionaires than any other Real Estate strategy.

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