how to be successful with your garage sale

How to be successful with your garage sale

To give you extra space in your home or get rid of unused items, you can have a well-planned garage or yard sale. You might even make some extra money, but you need to give it the same consideration that any business needs to be successful.

  • Start your researching and planning early
  • Promotion is a major key
  • Display items attractively
  • Price items right
  • Organize your checkout process

Saturdays are generally the best day to hold a garage or yard sale. There are some exceptions like a multi-day sale that includes Friday and Saturday. Determine what is best for you ahead of time. Experienced garage-sellers believe that a well-planned one-day event will do as well as a multi-day event. Serious garage sale shoppers look for the “new” sales and pick those to attend first but most of them do not come back on multiple days.

Be aware that the first day of your sale will have the most people. Some of them will even show up before you open to get first look at the good stuff. However, everyone will be looking for a bargain with some purchasing items to resell at their own garage/yard sale.

For you marketing you can advertise in the local newspaper, free online site like Craigslist or in the local Pennysaver. It will be a big draw if it is a multi-family sale so definitely mention it in the ad. Also, mention the big-ticket items you must sell like furniture, equipment or baby items. The larger items usually bring in more shoppers.

You can purchase garage/yard sale signs or get them printed at Office Depot or FedEx Office. Make sure they have large lettering with few words, so they are easy to read. People will be driving when they see them. Include this info: Garage or Yard Sale, address, date and time. You can also use directional signs, balloons and streamers to attract attention.

If you want to be able to take credit cards, consider using Square. The cost is 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe and you can use your smartphone or iPad. Make sure to sign up at least two weeks before so you can get your reader.

It will amaze you what will sell and what won’t sell. If you are wanting to get rid of stuff regardless the outcome, put the items in the sale and after the sale donate to Goodwill or another local donation place and then everything else goes to the dump. If you can’t send it to the dump then re-box it and try another sale later in the year, next year or sell it at your neighbor’s sale.

Other supplies you’ll need will be:

  • Labels and markers for pricing items.
  • Newspaper and clean, grocery bags to wrap breakables.
  • Tables to display the items.

Keep your house locked up unless you are having an estate sale. You don’t want strangers wandering through your home with you not in it. If you start accumulating money, take some inside so your cashbox always appears light. Don’t discuss how much money you have made or how the sale is going.

People will want to bargain; it’s the nature of the game.  Consider this strategy: less negotiations early in the sale and possibly, more toward the end of the sale.

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