Get $100,000 Tax Free Govt. Bond When Buying Averaged Priced Northern VA Home for Sale

Sound too good to be true? Only if you’re not privy to the closely guarded Strategies of the Real Estate Industries top Insiders and how they buy Fairfax VA homes for sale.

When interviewing wealthy experts and top industry Insiders on my Radio Show, it’s a prerequisite that any interviewee has to disclose at least one insider secret that will save big money for my real estate listeners on their own personal home purchase or home sale.

Well, before this particular show started, I had no idea that I was about to learn how just ONE Insider Technique would save over $100,000 for any home buyer on the average priced Northern Virginia home.

The techniques can be a bit complex, so I will simplify it for the sake of this brief explanation. When a typical home buyer purchases a home they attempt to get a discount from the seller of 3-6%, so on a $300,000 that could be $10,000-$25,000. But when and expert insider wants a deal they don’t go for discounts from the seller, they ask for an ‘allowance’ for that same amount of money, yet they require that it be directed towards the purchase of a deeply discounted Government bond, which will return them $100,000 over time.

To use an illustration, let’s assume that instead of asking the seller for a $20,000 discount on a $300,000 Fairfax Va homes sale price, that buyer would ask that the seller direct that same $20,000 towards the purchase of a deeply discounted Government bond that has a maturity value of $100,000, and it’s also tax free. You see if you know where to go and the types of bonds to buy, anybody can buy a $100,000 government bond for only $20,000, then when the bond fully matures 20 or 30 years for now, you will get all $100,000 and you can get it all tax free. That would be like earning $150,000 before tax for most people.

So effectively, that home buyer just bought a $300,000 home for $200,000. Because no matter what, when that bond matures, that home buyer gets all $100,000, tax free, even if they don’t own that same house anymore.

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