Expectations for Selling Your Home

expectations for selling your homeDuring the normal course of our lives we come to know certain expectations. We expect coffee to be hot, beer to be cold and that Mexican food is almost always spicy. But if any of these expectations are not met, there are no serious consequences.

When the value of an item rises, whether by price or by importance, our expectation for value increases and any decision made about the item becomes more important. Some of these items are marriage, having children, your health and your job/career.

Therefore, why wouldn’t selling the largest asset you own, your home, also be governed by certain expectations? One being, that you, the homeowner would expect to be able to sell your home for the current market value within a reasonable time period without any challenges.

The latest Home Buyers and Sellers Survey states that more homeowners are trusting real estate professionals to sell their home. Homeowners are more likely to have a favorable outcome when they share their expectations with an agent prior to having the home listed for sale.

When you interview an agent, challenge them to lay out their process:

  • Correct pricing of your home.
  • Staging or preparation of your home for good first impressions.
  • Market place positioning.

You, as home sellers with Fairfax homes for sale, should have some reasonable expectation that the agent you hire will work to sell your home. The real estate agent will tell you the truth about your home and that same agent will represent your interests in the best way possible. An agent who can exceed their seller’s expectations embodies five-star service.