check this off your list

Check This Off Your List

Your probably know someone in your life that has a tragic story. Whether it was a fire, a flood, a burglary, or another disaster they probably needed to file a claim on their insurance. To do this, you need receipts or a list of what you are claiming lost or damaged.

And, since we are all home during our COVID-19 quarantine, now would be a great time to get a current home inventory. You can even enlist the help of your bored at home kids. An easy way to do this is to get pictures of every room in the house.

Close up photos will need to be taken of items deemed valuable. You will need to open drawers and closets and maybe even pull items out, so you get everything in the photo. Having another quarantined body to help makes it go faster.

You may even get a bit distracted by rediscovering some things that you forgot about. All the more reason to get an updated inventory now instead of trying to reconstruct it after the loss or damaged. Everyone goes through some trauma when one of these events hits so it may end up being years later that you remember your forgot to claim some items.

Videoing or having photos of each room with a list of the items can serve as the proof you need for a claim.

Another benefit of doing a home inventory is you will be able to adjust your insurance value for household items or personal belongings by adding replacement costs. It will simplify filing a claim if you ever need to.

Ask your homeowners insurance agent or download a home inventory to help you organize your photos and itemize your high value items. Make sure to store it in the cloud rather than on your computer in case it is stolen or damaged also.

To organize your photos and even provide a detailed list of higher value items, you can download a Home Inventory in an interactive PDF that you can complete.  You can put it together on your computer and store it online to make it available if the computer is stolen or damaged.

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