A Down Payment Source to Consider

a down payment source to considerMost of us know that if you withdraw funds early from your IRA you pay a 10 percent penalty. Current withdrawal age is 59.5 years old. But first-time homebuyers have an exception available to them. They are allowed to withdraw up to $10,000 per person, penalty free, if they did not own a home in their previous two years.

Using this rule, a married couple with IRA accounts each, could take out their lifetime max of $10,000 a piece to use as down payment to purchase a home penalty free. It could even be used to pay closing costs. Another thought is using it as down payment so you can qualify for a loan with PMI or mortgage insurance.

Keep this in mind. If you do qualify to make a penalty-free withdrawal: you may still owe taxes on the amount withdrawn from your IRA. However, a withdrawal from a Roth IRA account will not have tax due since it is after-tax dollars.

You may also perform a withdrawal in order to help out your qualifying relatives, such as your children, grandchildren, or even parents and grandparents.

I do encourage you to seek the advice of your tax professional before deciding to use IRA funds to purchase your home. Everyone’s situation is different.

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