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House Hunters: Discover Real Estate Secrets Many Local Brokers And Lenders
Are Hiding From You

“93% of Today’s Northern VA Home
Buyers Are Making These Massive,
Wallet Draining Mistakes in this

Renegade VA Real Estate Radio Host Hands You
His Private Notes Extracted From Recorded
Interviews Of Wealthy Industry Insiders That Tap
Into Their Closely Guarded Tactics, Specifically
Designed To Exploit The Northern VA Housing
Market & Proven To Save $25,000-$50,000 On
Any Home Purchase & Financing.

Fellow House Hunter,

If you’re like most home buyers, you probably already have that typical knot of anxiousness
in the pit of your stomach. Not quite sure how to get the best deal possible on a home and
mortgage, while at the same time trying to figure out all the ways to avoid buying a money pit,
or getting ripped off.

If you’re even remotely feeling this way, then your going to get really excited about this. Because
as a Virginia Real Estate Radio Host and Realtor, I’ve been known as a 20 year veteran Rebel
in this business, garnering a reputation in the media as being quite outspoken in exposing the
underbelly of the Real Estate industry (both good and bad) for the benefit of Homebuyers and
Sellers alike, while showing listeners and clients how to keep piles of money in each transaction.

Unfortunately, in today’s Real Estate Market, most people blindly stumble into buying & financing
a home. They have no idea the best way to buy a Foreclosure, a bank owned property, a Seller
Short Sale, or just buy from a normal seller and save buckets of money. Plus they’re clueless
about how to protect themselves from future losses of value, unexpected repairs, or paying too
much for that home and financing.

The majority of buyers just fumble through the home buying process like emotionally charged giddy eyed teenagers that are guided by fantasies of their new home with the white picket fence, lush green yards, fun with friends, great neighbors and back yard Bar-B-Q’s, followed by peaceful starry skied nights.They rarely have any expert or financial guidance along the way.

Then, these unsuspecting buyers encounter dozens of sabotaged points along the way where they are unknowingly separated from their hard earned money. Dreams are shattered as they realize they are set up for long term financial struggles and stresses. A new reality bursts in and they wonder, ‘What happened to our dream?’

The Most Shameful Part Is That Most Home Buyers Have No Idea That They Have Just Been Bled Dry Of Many Thousands Of Dollars In Multiple Different Costs, Fees, And Expenses Throughout The Whole Transaction!

You’re probably not sure of all the hidden land mines that now exist throughout the whole home buying process that could financially set you up for years of overpayment’s and financial hardship. Nobody wants to be a slave to a house payment and buried under the crushing monthly expenses, maintenance, repairs and over-payments of a mistake that could have all been avoided upfront with the right information, especially if it’s highly valued Insider Information.

In todays complex buying, financing, and inspection process, there are plenty of extra costs, fees and expenses that you can and should avoid, negotiate, or just flat out eliminate.

But most buyers have never heard of these opportunities. These are the tactics and techniques that are generally reserved for, and used exclusively by Real Estate Insiders and Wealthy Real Estate Investors.

These are lessons that they have learned over hundreds of transactions and then quietly applied for massive savings worth tens of thousands of dollars on each home they purchase. But it is info that is rarely shared with the general home buying public. After all, why should they? Let’s be honest, most people are motivated to do things, or share things based on a direct or indirect benefit to themselves. But there is no benefit to them in sharing this information with you.

For example. with all the complex types of mortgages now available, do you even know which type of financing could be best for you, in your particular situation? If you are only going to be in the home 5 years you could get a specific loan that would save you thousands of dollars over that time. However, if you plan on being their longer than 10 years, this same loan would be absolute financial suicide.

Watch out for These Financial Torpedoes

What kind of hidden defects could exist in a home? What costly unknown repairs might be needed soon after you, the unsuspecting buyer decides to move in? There are actually tactics for eliminating most of the maintenance and repair costs every single year. Seasoned Real Estate Investors require this on ALL of their properties.

What about constantly escalating Annual Insurance & Real Estate Taxes, did you know that can be negotiable?? You’re also probably wondering which players can be trusted in the whole home buying transaction…

● The sellers Realtor?

● The other Realtor showing you houses?

● The settlement attorney?

●The Lenders Loan officer?

● The Home Inspector?

● The Insurance agent?

Did you know that none of these players has a legal or fiduciary responsibility to share anything with you that could be helpful to you in any part of this process? As a matter of fact, they are not even required by law to be fair to all parties.

In the Real Estate business it’s called ‘Caveat Emptor’, otherwise known as ‘ Buyer Beware’, and it’s the law! In other words you are legally on your own to figure it all out for yourself!

What If You Could Have An Expert Whispering In Your Ear Every Step Of The Way, Exposing All Of The ‘Insiders’ Secrets & Their Exact Money Saving Tactics, For FREE…

How about an Expert that has been successfully infiltrating these inner circles for years, and extracting the most effective money saving techniques directly from the Real Estate Industries heavy hitters, Insiders, and wealthy Investors?

What if you could instantly get access to the privileged knowledge, the ‘Insider Information’, and the specific tactics that are personally used by the Top Masters of this industry on their own home purchases? Then you could apply these tools to immediately save tens of thousands of dollars on your overall home purchase, financing, and closing costs.

Not only would this eliminate your fears of the unknown in the home buying process, you’ll be as calm as a sleeping puppy, and actually enjoy the process of buying a home. You would know that you are now one of the privileged few that has instantly tapped into decades of Insider experience and gained access through the back door to strategies of the best deal makers.

You will also automatically know how to avoid being charged fees, expenses, and the many different costs that take advantage of rank beginners and amateurs alike. Plus, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you avoided the major and potentially devastating financial mistakes made by over 90% of all home buyers in todays complex Real Estate market.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You:

I’ve personally assembled what I consider to be the Top 10 Insider Home Buying Strategies that I’ve garnered from over 8 years of probing interviews as a Real Estate Radio Show Host. These are some of the most tested and proven tactics that can be used by just about any homebuyer in any price range to save tens of thousands of dollars and instantly pocket boatloads of money on their overall home purchase, financing and closing costs:

How and when to get Price Reductions – Hint: It’s NOT the length of time on market, that’s a myth

Which Proven Negotiation Tactics Actually Win in Different Market Types

each market type has particular tactics that work better than others

How The Experts Find The BEST Bargains In Any Areasave $10,000-$30,000, or More

Slash Thousands off Mortgage Interest – $50,000+ over 5 years

Shave Financing costs & feesLenders don’t want you to see this

Reduce Closing/Settlement feesPut cash in your pocket

Legally Shrink Your Annual Real Estate TaxesYes, really!

Cut Annual Home Insurance costs 40%-50%, while maintaining the same coverage

Save Hundreds in Cash every year

Swoop In On Undervalued Neighborhoods Before Other Buyers Do

Make money like wealthy Investors

Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket to Have The Areas Top ‘Buyer Broker’ To Get The BEST DEAL For You

And Be Legally Bound To Represent You

What Lenders Look For, To Give You The Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate

Save $150-$300 per month on your mortgage payment

Insider Tools To Locate the Hottest Up and Coming areas before they shoot up in price

Insider technique to make Tens of Thousands

How to Bulletproof Your Investment In Your Home From Creditors, Lawsuits & Judgments

Keep your money in your pocket

These are some of the very same strategies that I use every day in my Northern Virginia Real Estate Brokerage to help my home buying clients save tens of thousands of dollars on each of their home purchases.

My attitude is that every home buyer deserves to know this type of powerful information before they make the biggest, most monumental financial decision of their life. This should not be the property of just a select few privileged insiders who may or may not deserve their wealthy station in life. I’ve built me entire business and reputation on helping buyers and sellers with access to Advanced breakthrough strategies that helps them make or keep vast sums of money in their own individual Real Estate transactions.

These are my interviews, I own the rights to all of the information and I can do whatever I want with ALL the information. So I’m giving away a Free CD to anyone who is desires it. You can have my private notes called, The Top Ten Insider Tips of the Wealthy: Save Tens of Thousands on Your Home Purchase – Guaranteed.

All you have to do is cover the $5.95 for shipping & handling. Nothing else, the CD is absolutely FREE. Just fill out the quick form below and we will send it to you First Class mail within 24 hours!

Thierry Roche

Host of Talk Radio’s ,

‘Inside Real Estate’

P.S. – I only had 500 of these Free CD’s produced, and of course since they are Free, they are going out pretty quickly. So if you want one, be sure to grab one now while I still have some available – only one per person, please.

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