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He’s Going to HOLLYWOOD!…Thierry Roche will go to Los Angeles this week as one of the top 15 Century 21 agents in the world out of 80,000 associates. They will be filmed & featured in the companies reality television commercials set to run throughout the year.

— Connection Newspapers

Thierry is exactly the kind of agent who Century 21 wants to represent our organization in these national TV commercials: He’s a successful businessman who’s customers and clients are extremely satisfied with the service he’s provided.

— Sarah Morgan, Century 21 National Capital Regional Director.

In this stubborn Real Estate market…Thierry Roche was faced with trying to sell a $545,000 home that had previously been on the market for over 5 months by the time he got the listing… he hoped his novel idea and unique marketing approach would attract interested buyers… and it did…within 2 weeks of his advertising there was a contract on the house & two more potential buyers waiting.

— Washington Post

If anyone can strike the “Mother Lode”, it’s Thierry Roche,…he was thrust into the limelight when Wash. D.C. area radio stations got wind of his successful Real Estate Sales Techniques. The Virginia resident now waxes eloquently on the Radio air waves about topics such as pricing and presenting homes competitively, various unique financing strategies to save money, and how sellers can help buyers get financing in this locked up mortgage market.

– Times Community Newspapers

Bob and Sandy Lane’s home was put on the market by the Thierry Roche team and sold within a day – for $5000 above the original asking price. Mr. Lane attributes the successful quick sale of his home in a market marred by poor consumer confidence to aggressive marketing by the group of Real Estate professionals lead by Thierry Roche, an industry veteran & real estate Radio show host, who, with his four colleagues make up the team that bears his name.

— Washington Times

Client Reviews

Thierry Roche is simply the best real estate advisor you could ask for. I have worked with Thierry for over a decade to buy and sell my personal residences and many investment properties. He consistently provides superior support in terms of education, information, and action, and his understanding of the market and the process are unsurpassed.

With his guidance and support, I developed a significant investment real estate portfolio that has changed my life, and even though I do invest in some other markets, I have yet to find any other real estate professional with the completeness of knowledge and tenacious approach to finding the right property and getting the deal done.

In a real estate industry with countless hacks with little experience and shallow advice, listen and learn from Thierry, and let him guide you to outstanding real estate decisions. He will simply deliver the results that others can’t. I’ve made hundreds of Thousands of dollars with his advice

— Earl Eck, President, Noble Knowledge Solutions, LLC

Thierry’s guidance & understanding of different Real Estate markets combined with his knowledge of Investment fundamentals and tax savings has helped me roll out of two investment properties that had a combined net positive cash flow of $175.00/month and get into 2 other properties that now give me a combined net positive cash flow of $753.00/month. Plus I paid $0 in Capital gains taxes when we rolled into the new properties and best of all, I have no more property management responsibilities.

— Eric Leigh, Residential Investor, Fairfax, VA

As a Commercial Real Estate Broker I’m always on the lookout for new investment opportunities for my own portfolio. But I also know where to go to get the best insider expertise in the Residential investment field for increasing my positive monthly cash flow, finding where the best opportunities exist and the best tax strategies to save money. That’s why I use Thierry Roche as my own personal Investment Realtor instead of relying on myself.

— Stuart Rabkin, President, The Stuart Rabkin Company Inc.
Commercial Leasing and Tenant Representation, Potomac, MD

When I need a new twist on an investment idea or I need to know what’s the hottest — and MOST EFFECTIVE way — to invest capital, Thierry Roche is a fellow investor I know I can count on for stretching my knowledgebase.

Even with my experience as a Real Estate Editor for one of the D.C. area’s largest newspapers, authoring a book on investing (Real Estate Investing Made Simple), and writing hundreds of articles both in print and online, Thierry and I will spend hours talking about the latest investment strategy in real estate (and I’m always the one with the questions!)

Thierry has shared with me new, profitable Real Estate Investment strategies and techniques to increase Investment property monthly cash flow time and time again.

— M. Anthony Carr, Author (Real Estate Investing Made Simple), Investor, National Speaker. Former editor, Washington Times. Now, a top-ranked managing real estate broker for Weichert Realtors on the entire East Coast.

Over the past few years, Thierry Roche has referred several of his clients to my company WJD Management, a Northern Virginia residential property management firm. His clients’ portfolios consist of properties that he hand-picked for them.

And after they engaged our services, I observed that all of their homes were what I would consider to be prime investment properties, where they saved multiple thousands on each property. My business partner and I already own a number of rental homes, and we recently decided it is time to begin searching in earnest for more.

I am a real estate broker and could easily do this myself (and receive a commission on each transaction as well) but we decided that it makes far more sense to let Thierry find them for us because of his expertise in this venue.

— David Norod, Principal Broker, WJD Management, LLC

I’ve moved a lot, due to corporate relocations. I’ve bought and sold 8 homes in my lifetime. The most frustrating and infuriating of all of them, by far, was my 8th purchase, when I used Thierry Roche as my Real Estate Broker.

It wasn’t until after I sat down with him to go over my many needs and wants for my upcoming home purchase that I found out how much I didn’t know. I thought I was quite experienced in buying homes, but I didn’t realize how many different techniques existed that could save me money on my home and financing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about the fact that I met Thierry and listened to his many ideas for unique ways to buy homes and save money on the whole process. I’m elated that I used some of those techniques and literally saved over $38,000 on my financing. Plus I saved several thousand dollars on my purchase price. Subsequently, I’ve used his ideas for home repairs and working with contractors to save money on several different occasions.

The upsetting part is that I had 7 previous, lost opportunities to save thousands of dollars on my other homes, and no one ever educated me about any of these strategies. So I wonder what financial position I would be in by now, if I had met Thierry on my first home purchase, rather than meeting him on what will probably prove to be the last home purchase of my lifetime.

— Michael Carlton, Springfield, VA

Over the last seven years I have used Thierry, both as a buyer and a seller. It probably goes without saying that if he wasn’t good at what he does that I wouldn’t have more than a one deal history with him.

But it’s more than understanding the basic nuts and bolts of a real estate transactions that keeps me going back. Thierry understands more than WHAT to do — he understands WHY to do it as well. Given that no two deals are ever the same, his creative approach to the process, from identifying the right property, to structuring the deal, to financing options, to what to do with the property once you own it, have given me a high level of confidence, since I first began real estate investing.

His understanding of the real estate market, especially from the point of view of an investor, is extraordinary. My experience is that there, in the deep end of the pool, the talent bench is very shallow with most agents.

I have personally recommended Thierry to several of my friends and co-workers. His no-sales-pressure approach to buying and knowing-and-doing-what-needs-to-be-done approach to selling is what I’m looking for. His breadth of experience in the real estate business is invaluable in a “normal” market. In today’s market it is even more so. He has saved me over $50,000 on two different homes.

I have used professionals in many fields. I have never recommended one as often or as vehemently as I have Thierry.

— Gene McMillan, South Riding, VA

We have worked with Thierry on three real estate transactions and have recommended him to our parents, siblings and co-workers — all of whom hired him.

Thierry has a keen understanding of the Northern Virginia housing market, not just in the actual buying/selling transactions, but also unique strategies for saving tons of money on the purchase and sale that we had never heard of, we felt like we found the ‘book of secrets’ for Real Estate.

He’s a master and understands our local market inside and out. When it came to selling, he taught us how to price the home, how to stage it and showed us the kind of marketing materials required to sell the property. He even targeted the selling of our last house to a specific buyer and developed a marketing plan around that prospective client.

And we sold in five days, with four offers! We will continue to use Thierry to handle our real estate needs and appreciate his logical, tenacious approach to buying and selling real estate.

— Jeff & Heather Kircher, Fairfax, VA

As the owner of Realty Sign Post Company, I deal with lots of real estate agents. And when my friends and I decided to purchase a foreclosure property as an investment, we chose to work with Thierry because of his experience in dealing with investment properties. All of us have been very happy with that decision because of Thierry’s excellent service and knowledge.

When we looked at potential investment properties, Thierry was great at educating us on what to look for in investment properties. He recognized ‘simple fixes’ as well as problems that would involve a lot more time and cost. With Thierry’s help, we’ve bought two great positive cash flow investment properties so far. I highly recommend him.

–Ryan Myers, Co-Owner, Realty Sign Post

We cannot say enough that hasn’t already been said about Thierry Roche. We owned 2 homes in Annandale, the first of which we were fortunate enough to be selling when the market was extremely hot.

In May 2005, we contracted with a good friend and Realtor to sell our primary residence. It was a wonderful experience, and the home sold within 3 days. In the weeks that followed however, we attended a Thierry Roche ‘Home Selling/Capital Gains Avoidance’ seminar. And, despite the wonderful experience with our good friend/realtor, we decided to work with Thierry Roche to sell our other Annandale investment property.

After several meetings, it was clear Thierry had his hand on the pulse of the market, although beating much slower. It was very apparent that Thierry was not only a realtor, but someone who was knowledgeable about market conditions, capital gains, tax planning, investment strategies, a true educator and so much more.

Thierry sold our investment property in five days in what had turned into, a ‘down market’. He basically walked us through the entire process from contract signing, to helping with contractors, to capital gains advantages and right on through the settlement table.

We have since developed an even greater relationship and developed a strong feeling of confidence with Thierry, especially after having recently purchased 2 more investment properties through him in the last year. And we look forward to being kept in the loop.

Thanks again, Thierry, for your patience, guidance and friendship.

–Tom and Dawna Taylor, Mason Neck, VA

I started working with Thierry before I became a mortgage professional, shortly after I attended one of his investment seminars. As a young medical device salesperson at the time, I wanted advice on how to best invest my heard-earned commissions.

Thierry understands all aspects of Real Estate and Investing and he is eager to share his knowledge. Thierry’s experience and expertise guided me through my first transaction. And, even though I now that I am mortgage Loan Officer and have access to hundreds of real estate professionals, I have continued to rely on him, many times, over the years for his investing advice and to find other properties that fit my guidelines.

I am now happy to assist some of his other clients, with their financing needs. In working with Thierry from another side, I continue to see the same professionalism he showed me as a buyer, as well as to hear the confidence in the voices of his clients. They tell me they know they are getting a good deal and how excited they are to have found a good property and the many ways they were able to save money. – thanks to Thierry’s guidance.

— Chanin Wisler, Vice President, First Washington Mortgage
301-603-9600 direct

Thierry, I listen to you on the radio regularly, and I really have a very high opinion of your knowledge and expertise. But yesterday was the first day I attended your seminar — and now my respect for you has gone up many, many times.

I really wanted to write you and thank you for doing such a great job! And I am looking forward to having some kind of working business relationship with you, so we can benefit from your knowledge.

–Dinesh Mehra, Reston, VA

We originally talked to another realtor, who recommended that we list our home at $289,000. We decided to get a second opinion from Thierry Roche who, after viewing our home, and educating us on the market changes that were about to happen, felt it should be listed at $10,000 more.

We were quite impressed with Thierry’s knowledge of the market and what makes buyers motivated to buy one home over another, and obviously we hoped that his evaluation of our home was correct. So, we listed with Thierry at $299,900.

I am happy to say that our home sold within 9 days at $314,000 with two offers – a full $4,100 more than our asking price — and $14,100 more than the other realtor had recommended

It pays to deal with someone who truly understands the market, and we are very satisfied that we did. We would highly recommend Thierry Roche and his team to anyone considering selling their home.

–David K., Gainesville, VA

As a first-time homebuyer, I had a great deal of anxiety about my foray into the labyrinth of real estate transactions – I was scared to buy because of the intimidating process, and scared to hesitate too much longer because of very favorable lending rates and appreciably lower home prices.

I was introduced to Thierry by a coworker, who recommended him professionally and personally – he was both her family’s real estate agent and a friend. She said he was a straight-shooter, he’ll tell you how it is.

So when I first, nervously, contacted Thierry … I told him how it was for me. I was a first-time buyer, and I was going to have a LOT of questions and might need some hand-holding.

Thierry did better than just answer my questions and quell my anxieties. He educated me about the entire process, from what I could reasonably afford (and qualify for based on my finances), through the mortgage process and closing.

As a professional, he wanted to be sure I thoroughly understood both the transaction and the process to complete it. The result was a smooth and successful purchase of my first home.

I look forward to working with Thierry again!

–Johnise Molloy, Herndon, VA

I have worked with Thierry Roche on the purchase of multiple investment properties that I now own in Virginia. I have found his insight into the real estate investment market insightful, useful and financially profitable.

I relied on him for a clear picture of potential investment income from each unit, and found him always to be right on-target. He clearly understood my risk appetite and requirements, always following through diligently. I found him to be a patient teacher, as I learned from his experience. He showed me several options for saving large amounts of money on financing, negotiating and how to locate ‘underpriced neighborhoods’ for bargain hunting homes.

The biggest complement I can give Thierry is this… after working with him for just a short time, I requested he put bids on properties, “sight unseen,” by me. I relied on him to grade the physical state of the property, its investment potential etc – then to just call me when only we were ready to put in a bid.

It was not until after I had purchased the unit that I would even do my first walk-through of the property he chose for me. Now that’s trust… he earned it.

–Dr. Les Zuckerman, Potomac, MD

Thierry was not my first real estate agent, but in 2000 I heard him on the radio talking about his free investment seminar, so I figured I would go. I quickly purchased my first VA foreclosure through Thierry and his process. He had the lender and Title company lined up, and the entire process was very simple. So simple, that I referred several friends to Thierry and they have referred their friends. I have made over $60,000 in extraequity with his techniques; I always look to Thierry for Real Estate advice and use him in transactions whenever possible. My only mistake I’ve made in purchasing real estate is not finding him sooner.

-Clifford Lowrie, Occoquan, VA
DoD Division Director, Citizant Inc.

I have always been interested in diversifying my portfolio to include real estate. I was always put off by deals that were too good to be true, and people that glossed over the issues that are not glamorous. That is until I sat down with Thierry for a couple of hours six months ago. Thierry provided a realistic strategy and dealt with the tough questions. Now, I have four investment properties that all yield positive cash flow. I attribute my favorable position to Thierry’s expertise in the market and his ability to communicate a vision. Thank you.

— J. Conner, Manassas, VA

Thierry Roche’s knowledge of the Northern Virginia real estate market is unparalleled. Even though I am a licensed real estate agent, I chose to work with Thierry to search for, and subsequently purchase investment properties. His insight into investing, tax savings and rental properties, and all the different techniques for saving money and taking advantage of the different markets to make money made the process a wonderful learning experience for me. I have also gained a vast amount of knowledge while attending Thierry’s Real Estate & investment seminars. Thierry helped me to make sound real estate investments and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

-Wanda Salser – – Weichert Realtors, Reston, VA


My apologies for this long overdue Thank You. I wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with your expertise and dedication in helping others find the perfect home. You truly are one of the great one’s! Your kindness and understanding during what was a somewhat stressful period for me will not be forgotten. Without hesitation I would recommend you to anyone looking for real estate in Northern Virginia.

Thanks in large part to your efforts, and the thousands of dollars you saved me, I was able to take my mother on a 2-week coach tour of Italy shortly after I closed on my home. I have attached a couple of photos of us in Rome & Pisa and a pretty decent shot I took in Venice of portion of the Grand Canal. Please let me know the moment you decide to branch out and start working in Italy, I am ready to return and will be your first client!

Again, thank you and best wishes.

Lanark Thornton

Hi Thierry:

Hey – I just wanted to add a personal note before turning in for the night. I just wanted to say a hearty thanks for spending so much time tonight (and for lending me the Roche Brain). Thanks for sharing your personal stories. As I tried to say to you at dinner, you have been a huge influence in my life in many ways. And I think that I am one of many of your clients that feels this way – and that explains how it is that you always find so much “help” when you need it. I am comforted very much to know that I have your help and your ear. Thanks so very much.



Thierry has been a consistent friend and advisor to me for the past 10 years. He has “been around the block” – so he recognizes cycles in the real estate market and is particularly adept at analyzing the local market. Based on his qualifications, I started out in 1999 with Thierry by investing in single family properties in the Washington DC area. Thierry’s range of knowledge is very broad – and as I progressed in my investing, I have sought his advice not only on which specific localities to invest in, but also capital gains tax strategies, asset protection, and business strategies related to my investments. Thierry will be a life-long advisor to me, not just because of his broad knowledge base, but most importantly because of his no nonsense, highly ethical style. I can trust his judgment and always know that it is his own, independent, non-biased opinions that I am receiving.

– Greg Walsh, Fairfax, VA

How much more valuable is a Buyer Broker when every single one of the things the recommends actually does save you money?

When we found a Townhouse that I liked, it was in foreclosure and was only on the market a few short hours. Thierry really hustled, knowing that it wouldn’t be on the market long, to help walk me through what I needed to do to put in the best offer possible so that it would be accepted.

Not only did he bust it out so that I got the contract, he also managed to get this place for about $26,000 under what other places were selling for at the time. I was a first time home buyer and Thierry really took his time in answering any and all questions I had regarding the process.

This was a huge investment for me and I was really put at ease by Thierry’s customized financing and market strategies that were tailored for me.

Rebecca Bursk – Ashburn, VA

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