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Thank you for visiting this site and taking the first step toward finding answers. I appreciate what
it has taken for you to come here, and commend your efforts to get the facts about your situation.
The current real estate environment can be frustrating, with misinformation and conflicting plans
for how to proceed.

As a real estate agent, what I often see in troubled homeowners is a belief that they are alone
with their challenges. Regrettably, over 70% of homeowners in foreclosure proceed without ANY
visible assistance. This is not acceptable for the communities I serve.

That’s why I’ve developed this site: to ensure you get the valuable resources that can reduce
your financial strain and change your life for the better. As a CDPE I know the options for
homeowners in foreclosure or delinquent on their mortgages, and I can send you a report
detailing this information, prepared just for you.

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Simply enter your information below and click “Send.” I hope that you will review this information
carefully, so that your next steps are the right steps toward a real solution.

Let me help you evaluate your options and get back on track to a solid, stable future.

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