More time in our homes

More Time in our Homes

In this year of Jumanji Level 11, we have been hit with not only a pandemic but several orders to shelter in place and stay at home. Depending on how many people are in your family, your home now operates as a home office, a gym, a virtual classroom and your kitchen has prepared more meals in the last six months than ever before.

A few large businesses that jumped on the metamorphosis to virtual employees have now realized that they don’t need the big commercial spaces for their employees to work. They have realized that their work force is just as productive offsite which has lowered their overhead expenses.

If this scenario sounds familiar, and you have realized that you need more room for your family, it may be worth exploring what moving would look like for your situation.  To analyze the options, you will need to know what your home is worth and what the net proceeds will be after selling it.

You will need to know where you can get homes currently available on the market that have the amenities you need, their price and your mortgage options. You may be able to afford a larger home with the space you need at today’s historically low interest rates.

Homeowners who sell are also opting not to reinvest all their proceeds into a new home but are instead reserving some of that cash as a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. This is giving some peace of mind where it did not exist. Thus reducing some of the stress of the crisis our nation is facing.

It is said that an investor is faced with three decisions every day: buy, sell, or hold.  The equity in a home represents, for most people, their largest investment asset.  While it is an asset, it is also an amenity.

Prudential thinking would insist on protecting your investments, but it would also suggest that you would evaluate alternatives to avoid missing opportunities.  Having the facts available will make the options clearer and possibly, the decisions will become obvious.

I am available to help you assemble the information you need to consider what is best for you.

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