Last Minute Gifting Ideas

last minute gift ideasYour holiday tradition may include celebrating with your friends and family and sharing gifts. Finding the perfect gift takes an immeasurable amount of time and money.

Our challenge is finding the perfect gift, something your receiver really needs or wants; is the right size and/or the right color; and a gift that won’t break your budget. Maybe this year your perfect gift would come from the Fairfax homes for sale list.

If not, here are several suggestions for “Eight Gifts That Do Not Cost Anything” supplied by an anonymous writer. These just might be the perfect gift you are looking to give.

• A GIFT OF YOUR LISTENING…really listening. No daydreaming; no interrupting; no contemplating your response; no Smartphone interruptions, just you and another person and listening.

• A GIFT OF YOUR AFFECTION…demonstrate the love for friends and family by being generous with appropriate hugs, kisses, pats on the back and handholding.

• A  GIFT OF JOINT LAUGHTER…share articles, funny stories or clip cartoons. This gift will say “I like sharing my laughter with you.”

• A GIFT OF A HANDWRITTEN NOTE…make it as simple as a short “thanks for your help” note or a compose a full letter.  Sometime short, notes written by hand will be remembered or saved for a lifetime. You might even change someone’s life.

• A GIFT OF GIVING A COMPLIMENT…tell someone sincerely, “you look great in that outfit” or “I appreciate the job you did” or “what a great meal you prepared” it can make their day.

• A GIFT OF A FAVOR FROM YOU… small things like going out of your way each day to do something kind for family, friends or even a complete stranger.

• A GIFT OF SOLITUDE…at those times when your family member or friend wants to be alone, be sensitive of  their needs and leave them alone. Being respectful of someone’s need for “me time” is greatly appreciated.

• A GIFT OF HAVING A CHEERFUL DISPOSITION…smile, say Hi or How are you? or Thank You. Extending pleasantries to another is the easiest way to help both of you feel good. It will lift your spirits and release another’s tension and irritability.

Happy Holidays from Thierry Roche!