How to Stop Annoying Fairfax VA Debt Collector Phone Calls

Fairfax VA – We have a new method in the combat to avoid becoming harassed day and evening by financial debt collectors. Even though there are legal guidelines that assist you, in my belief, the credit card debt collector seldom follows them.

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Did you know that if you request a debt collector stop calling you at your house, then they must comply and leave you alone. That is the law. However, it rarely happens. We have people tell us all the time, “I told them to stop harassing me. But, they just keep on calling anyways.”

Sure you can take them to court. But, who has the time for that? Little did we know that if you sue them once, then you’ll never be harassed again. Here is how we found this out.

We know someone in the private investigator field. He has access to the same databases that most debt collectors use. He told us that there were some recent changes to the debt collection databases. One of the databases they use to hunt down debtors now flags people who have filed a lawsuit.

So, if you want to be left alone, don’t meekly ask the debt collectors to stop calling you. Instead, get some cash and get rid of them all at once. To file a suit, go online and Google “Stop Debt Collector Calls Attorney.”

The attorneys will review your case for free. From what we know, they will even file the lawsuit for free and they get paid only from what they collect. In my opinion, the debt collection industry runs rampant over the Federal Laws that were put in place to protect the consumer.

It’s time we put a stop to the harassment. According to the private investigator, once you file a lawsuit, debt collectors will avoid you like the plague. I hope this helps you regain your sanity in this crazy world.

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