Get Your Lender to Pay $1000's of Your Closing Cost on Any Fairfax VA Home For Sale

Why is it that some creditors advertise ‘NO Closing Costs Save Thousands!’ on mortgages for Fairfax VA Homes for Sale and others do not? Is there a catch with strings attached? How do I figure out which lender program will get me the best deal?

Perhaps only 1 percent of buyers who purchase a Fairfax VA home understand how this home loan finance trick works. So as with most of my analyses, I’m going to simplify this concept so you will have the tools necessary to compare various interest rates and closing cost quotes from lenders in Fairfax VA. That way you won’t get ripped off!

Many Fairfax VA homeowners get hooked with the common ‘No closing costs, Save Thousands on your mortgage’ ad that runs in local Fairfax media outlets. Yet only 1 in 10 lenders actually seem to have a program like this. The rest of the loan companies charge a buyer closing cost. Why is that?

Using a typical example, Lender A is offering an interest rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage of 6% with no closing costs, and Lender B is offering an interest rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage of 5.5% with $8000 in closing costs for any Fairfax homebuyer. What’s the difference? Nothing. They are both the same. The reason is because Lender A simply raised the market rate by ½% to get extra cash from you in the form of higher monthly payments so they could pay for the closing costs up front on your behalf, while Lender B did not give this type finance manipulation.

The reality is, any Fairfax VA homebuyer can adjust their interest rate and closing costs with any Fairfax lender.  All they have to tell that lender is that that they want to increase the interest rate enough so that they do not have to come up with the thousands of dollars in closing costs that are required when buying a Fairfax VA home. You don’t have to use just the creditor that offers this type of program, since all financial institutions can do the same type of finance manipulation.

Now that you understand this aspect of the game, you can compare rates by asking different lenders to give you interest rate quotes based on no closing costs or based on full closing costs.  You could even ask them all to base their rates on half closing costs. This way you will be able to compare apples to apples and get a better picture of which loan merchant is offering you the best overall interest rate and mortgage on your next purchase of a Fairfax VA home for sale.

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