The “For Sale” Sign and Fliers

In today’s competitive sales market for real estate it’s important to make the best first impression. Signs and fliers carry your message and they should move the potential buyer to action. First, have the property looking at its best: clean and in good repair, a nice paint job, repair any noticeable problems such as missing fence pieces, dead plants or shrubs, browned grass spots etc. Wash windows, clean and polish metals, and replace burned-out lights too. Be sure to make the house look well-cared for by its owners. The interior should be clean and neat as well. Next take some pictures. Use a wide-angle lens to avoid any distorted angles; be very selective, these photos convey the message of your home. Use a font that reads easily, (arial and verdana are easiest for most viewers and reproduce well). Use complimentary, contrasting cheerful colors and keep it simple.

The job of the sign and fliers is to draw potential buyers to the home for sale. The flier has to get the message over to them in quick and clear terms and move them to see the place for themselves. When they get there, make sure the are not disappointed. Constantly checking for anything that could detract from the value of the property is a duty to be done daily. Protect your investment with the best for sale signs and fliers.

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