Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing

If you are looking to sell your home in a hurry, consider using an exclusive right-to-sell listing (this is the most popular listing used today). If you go with a exclusive right-to-sell listing, only the broker can sell your home. With this type of agreement, the broker will have an incentive to sell your home quickly–no matter who finds a buyer, the broker will still earn commission.

Today, many real estate brokers will only use an exclusive right-to-sell listing. The broker will have many responsibilities, including: a) he/she will need to market your home to other brokers (other brokers will be responsible for showing your home to potential buyers) b) your broker will need to hold open houses and advertise your home, which is done through several listing services.

The brokers’ commission is usually a percentage of the home’s selling price, and can be as high as five-percent–but often pays off. When considering the various ways to list your home, remember these benefits of a right-to-sell listing.

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